Full Moon Day pooja



product_nameOn Every Full Moonday following poojas will be conducted for amman in angalamman simmapeedam,Karumathampatti.

  • >> 108 Herbal veneration poojas
  • >> Annathanam
  • New moon day Pooja



    product_nameOn Every new Moon Day following poojas will be conducted for amman in angalamman simmapeedam.Adhagapadi

    • >> 108 Herbal veneration poojas
    • >> Annathanam
    • >>Graveyard buralury (Mayan Kollai)
    • >> Abhishegam & Alangaram
    • >> Chariot ula
    • Ungal Urchavam

      Parihara Pooja


      product_nameThis Will be held on every Amavasai (New moon Day) at 7 pm with 108 Mooligai (Herbs) which will be dovoted in yagam and the special prayers will be held that whole night for the sake of world peace and people's welfare.

      Navarathiri Pooja


      product_nameDuring Navarathiri Goddess will be workshiped with special Abhishegam and Prayers. Finally Annadham will be held. apart from this every amavasai seperate annadaham will also be held.

      Graveyard Burgalury


      product_nameEvery year Flag Hosting and Sakthi Karagam   will be held on 10 days before Maha Sivarathiri, and  Festival  begins on Maha Sivarathiri (Masi month).On the day of Maha Sivarathiri  Abhishegam for  aathi Peedam.On the day of Amavasai  the Graveyard buralury (Mayan Kollai) festival will take place. Next day will be Milk Abhishegam and in evening Chariot ula (Thiru Theru ula) will be held.On the fourth day morning Thiru kalyanam(Sakthi & Sivan) and Thiruveethi ula  in the evening on the same day. Fifth day Kumbapooja with Sayana Urchavam will be held.

      This is great spiritual experience, which removes poverty, sorrow, infertility, health and wealth hazards, marriage barriers and brings in happiness and business prosperity to the devotees for that every Amavasai (New moon Day) parihara (offer)poojas will be conducted.

      Prayer Houses

      product_nameSalem, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Dharmapuri, Trichy are some of the places were the prayer houses has been opened. In this places people are Garland themselves and under go fasting to devote ..

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