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Thavathiru Madha Saraswathi Ammaiyar.

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Thavathiru Madha Saraswathi Ammaiyar at her age of 40 began to serve the mother ANGALAPARAMESWARI to speard the goodness (arul) to the people . She speards the prosperity to various people from various parts of the country. She has been in the service for past 22 years and provides blessings and prediction prayer (Arul Vakku) to the people.

During the transmigration (Madha) tells Arulvakku (Oracle). Through the arulvakku (oracle) SRI ANGALAPARAMESWARI herself speaks to her devotees, this is the unique speciality of Simma Peedam. Hearing the Goddess SRI ANGALAPARAMESWARI's oracle is a great spiritual experience, which removes poverty, sorrow, infertility, health and wealth hazards, marriage barriers and brings in happiness and business prosperity to the devotees for that every Amavasai (New moon Day) parihara (offer)poojas will be conducted.


FCRA Acc no : 558602010011594. Union bank of India. Dharmapuri branch.

Trust name - om Sri angala Parameswari simma peeda trust.Ifsc: UBIN0555860

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